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Frequently asked questions

Halvana uses simple, fresh ingredients and its seals its products fresh in unique packaging using a  proprietary process allows for products to be shelf stable for up to 18 months!

No. Halvana’s classic hummus is completely additive free, a simple and authentic recipe, completely natural!

Hummus outside the fridge spoils quickly. Halvana’s hummus in its unopened package can travel with you anywhere-on a picnic, in your backpack in your pantry. Imagine enjoying creamy and zesty fresh tasting humus without any fear of it spoiling.

Besides being creamier and tastier than refrigerated brands and completely natural just think how many times you buy a larger format hummus, consume half, and when you revisit it in the fridge it’s either stale or gone bad and you throw it out. We offer portion intelligent hummus that stores outside the fridge and is completed completely as generous  individual portion. No waste.

Just in relation to our simmering sauces, just think how inconvenient it is to store large bottles or cans, consume half, and have it go bad and languish in the fridge. What a waste. Halvana portion smart packaging of 8.4 oz (240g) cups are ideal for servings of 2-3 people for a variety of dishes. Use the whole cup, waste nothing and know another fresh serving is available whenever.

Our sauce is inspired by the rich and diverse flavors of the Mediterranean region, combining traditional ingredients to create a unique and authentic taste. Shelf stable and portion smart!

All Halvana products are certified vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and kosher.

Because Halvana’s products are packaged in smaller portion smart packaging, you’ll likely consume the whole container. If however you have some remainder product in the container, place it in the fridge and consumer within 5 days.

Halvana’s authentic flavor profile, natural ingredients, and the absence of preservatives coupled with its portion smart packaging makes bringing the true taste of the Mediterranean EASY.